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Stop Apologizing Already!

You’re not responsible for other people’s mistakes and problems. Ever apologize for someone else’s mistake? Many people do it out of habit or as a filler because they find themselves

Declare Yourself a Gossip-Free Zone

Words have the power to destroy. When we’re not feeling so great about ourselves, it’s easy to turn our focus on someone else. It feels so much less painful for us

Creamy Garlic Tuscan Chicken

Creamy Garlic Tuscan Chicken

You won’t regret skipping the Italian restaurant to serve up this instead. My family devours Italian food which is probably why this dish is asked for so often in my house.

editor in chief

Zada Kent

Fat and sassy living was something my grandmother did all her life. With her words and actions, she taught me and the rest of her granddaughters what that meant.

Showing others how a fat and sassy life can change their entire lives for the better is my passion. I want to positively affect as many lives as possible and ensure my grandmother's legacy lives on.

The "Fat And Sassy Life" brand was born from all the lessons and examples my grandmother showed me. It is because of her that any of this is possible.