The Number on the Scale Does Not Determine the Sum of Your Journey

The Number on the Scale Does Not Determine the Sum of Your Journey
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Your weight and body size have nothing to do with choosing a fat-and-sassy life.

There are a plethora of contributing factors that determine whether or not your life is considered a success or not — whether it’s been joyful, productive, influential, fun, meaningful, or filled with love. But your weight, body size, hair color, age, gender, sexual orientation — none of these are among those factors. These things contribute to your identity, but not whether or not your life could be labeled successful.

I believe a fat and sassy person has moxie, spirit, and a zest for life. She understands the importance of laughing regularly, knows it’s okay — and even encouraged — to follow multiple passions. She wants to live authentically and purposefully.

fat and sassy

Adjective: happy, elated, exuberant, in a fine state physically and emotionally, couldn’t feel better

Urban Dictionary, 2008

Fat and sassy people come in all manner of sizes, shapes, and weights. If you are one of these fat and sassy folks it’s because you choose to be. You want to embrace a life that is centered around your wants, goals, dreams, and desires. You’ve chosen to do more than simply exist and float through life in a reactionary mode. You are a doer and aren’t afraid to do what needs to be done or what you want to do.

If losing weight, gaining weight, or becoming a more healthy version of yourself in any way is part of your chosen fat and sassy journey, then go for it. Embrace that life-altering decision in order to live as your most joyful and authentic self.

“Your body is yours. My body is mine. No one’s body is up for comment. No matter how small, how large, how curvy, how flat. If you love you, then I love you.” ― Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes

Don’t think there’s a magic number necessary to display on your scales in order to give you permission to be fat and sassy. The only permission needed is the one you give yourself to be you. It’s your choice and your decision alone.

Your physical appearance should have no bearing on your decision though. As Shonda said, “Your body is yours and my body is mine.” And neither dictates whether or not we get to love ourselves, collect joyful moments, embrace opportunity, or kick-ass on our life’s journey.

Choosing a fat and sassy life simply means you choose yourself.

So many of you do so much for others every single day — your boss and coworkers, your family, friends, and loved ones, your neighbor down the street, even complete strangers. It’s time you start doing more for you. Choose you because you deserve it.

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